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Blueberry and Chocolate

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

On Sunday, I was partaking in my new addiction (frolf...frisbee golf) w/ Nathan McGlothlin. Halfway through our 'round', the two guys in front of us stop us on a wooded hole and say, "Do you have any chocolate?". Nathan and I respond with a confused look...Prompting one of them to say, "Chocolate....Do you have any blueberry?". We once again look at them in utter confusion. He responds, "You know...grass....pot?". I respond with an emphatic no. He says, "Well the two guys in front of us said you two were smoking pot". In response, I take out my cell phone and my keys from my pockets and tell them that's all I'm carrying. After an awkward pause, they take off to the next hole. This situation begs a few questions:
  1. Do Nathan and I look like pot smokers?
  2. What type of action while playing frolf could we possibly have done that looked even remotely like smoking any substance...let alone pot...
  3. Since when is pot called Chocolate or Blueberry?
  4. Am I out of touch?


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