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Short weekend In LA

Monday, October 17, 2005

I spent a long weekend in LA on business. My team did cross training with each other then hit the golf course. I flew through Vegas to get to They..they really do have slots at the airport terminal. On separate nights, I hung out on Rode drive and Sunset Blvd. Sunset was unbelievable. The wealth was astounding. I was walking down the street and saw the little sign for the sky bar and did a double take. It was surreal to see the roxy, viper room, whiskey a go go, comedy store, laugh factory, boa lounge, the standard, etc. I hear about these place on the news, but never hang out at them. LA is so expansive. Thejusty jsut stretches for as far as you can see. Luckily, I had gps in the company Lincoln Navigator that I aroundaroudn for the weekend. Without good ole Helen (the gps), I would've done nothing fun. Rodeo drisuppressionssingly sedate at night while Sunset wasn't slowing down at 2:30 AM on Saturday night. My only celebrity runins were with Joe Rogan and Jay London.

Golfing was good times. We played at the Braemar country club in the Valley. The views were definitelyble! I'm defintely still a novice, but my good swings are coming more frequently (1 in 10 lol). I ate like a king all weekend. I was told that we were having having bagels for breakfast one morning and was dissapointed. Bagels turned out to be bagels, salmon, and halibut (I think it was halibut at least). I had caviar and a dessert with godiva choclate melted all over it at some restaurant in marina del ray. yum I definitely could get used to life out west.
The comedians at the comedy store were mixed. Joe Rogan was by far the funniest. He was hilariously self-deprecating. So, all in all, it was a good time (and suprisingly very valuable from a learning/getting to know the people I work with standpoint). It would've been so much better with Sarah there though. The rest of the pictures can be found in this flickr set.


Anonymous RobK said...

Hey Gauger, nice golf shit homie. Pop the collar like a holister boy. lol. If you're ever up this way we should go hit some balls at the range. Getting cold up here so do it soon!

10:52 PM  

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