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bbq vs barbecue vs Carolina barbecue

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Last weekend I was golfing (LA) and was told we were having barbecue for dinner. Being a transplant southerner now, I had visions of pig on a bun. My only question was, "Is it regular barbecue (pulled or sliced pork with barbecue sauce) or is it Carolina style barbecue (pork in a vinegar based sauce)?". I was really hoping it wasn't Carolina style. Not only do I not like Carolina style because it makes me think of Duke/UNC, but also it's like licking a bottle of vinegar - nastAY. Strangely, the idea of the ritzy country club we were at serving pork sandwiches never sounded odd to me.

Eventually, I brought up the question to my boss. He laughed, then informed me that barbecue was steak or chicken grilled on the barbecue. See the difference for me is all in the definite article --> "A barbecue" makes me think of steak and chicken on the grill while "barbecue" makes me think of a pig on a spit. Big difference. Now if we could only overcome the problem of communicating the concept of a 'fish taco' to us east coasters life would be...oh so much easier.


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