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Aaron Neville has bad taste in facial tattoos

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Apparently, I'm the last one in the world to realize that Aaron Neville has some odd cross type tattoo on his face. I've always been a huge fan of making fun of his music and his distinctive falsetto/pull - the - mic - away - while - singing thing.

I saw this tattoo while he was singing during the 7th inning stretch at game 3 of the world series. It's hard to make me wince at "God Bless America", but I would've smirked less if Lee Greenwood would've appeared and sang, "I'm proud to be an American".

Tangent time: I hate forced reaction to a song (unless its momentous and governmental like the national anthem or the hallelujah chorus). The minute that you here Lee Greenwood's voice sing I proudly stand up....you know there will be the slow stand (cousin of the slow clap). Even worse is the Christian forced stand. The minute that you hear the opening of "I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb", you know that you will have to literally stand and pledge your allegiance to the Lamb or everyone will state at you as some sort of blasphemer. You've gotta love the first guy who stand sup and pledges...it's like it's this dramatic step of faith when actually everyone is just thinking - ok when is someone doing it...just get it over with. Enough already people, stay seated and will somone tell Aaron Neville that the cross/dove/chevrolet symbol tattoo looks dumb.


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